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Welcome to ROGUE AUCTIONS, the online tool for World of Warcraft (WoW) Auction House prices, statistics and economy trends

ROGUE AUCTIONS is a tool to search the WoW auction house online quickly and easily. Here you can find the hourly updated auctions of all items in all realms of theEUand US regions. Just enter an item name and we will find the item for you. The World of Warcraft Auction House tool also offers the ability to compare prices by navigating to an item and comparing the regions and realms. Our Wow Auction House database contains auctions from all realms of the EU and US regions.

The WoW Auction House (abbreviated as AH) in general is a place to find items you need or sell items to make some gold for yourself. You can find or sell weapons, armor, transmog, ingredients (trade goods) and recipes. The WoW AH listing fees are also one of the largest gold sinks in the game.

Most cities and some towns have their own Auction Houses . All Auction Houses in a realm are connected, and offer the same items for sale, regardless of location or faction. Players with trial accounts can not buy or sell through the Auction Houses.

This Tool is a personal project we created to simplify and optimize the usage of the WoW AH. ROGUE AUCTIONS is designed to find Items as quickly as possible and compare their prices with other regions and realms.

We put a lot of emphasis on the user experience and the speed of the site, so there are no unnecessary frills. If you have any feature requests, please do not hesitate to contant us! We can not guarantee, that we will be able to implement every request, but we are happy to try.

We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!